Welcome to the official website of Donna Akodu, find out about the ministry and the music.

As a worship leader and a songwriter for many years, Donna’s heart has always been to see the kingdom of God explode with vibrant, passionate worship, that transforms lives, communities and nations. Join her as she discovers the heart of worship and the heartbeat of God.

NEXT CHAPTER – Donna Akodu Music

So it’s been 2 years since Donna released her 2nd album Butterfly. And now she’s back writing for her latest project Worship @ The Hub. An EP of 5 new songs to be recorded at The Hub – Bexhill. Donna is embarking on taking her music further by setting up a Rocket Fuel page. A place where she can fund all the projects that God has put in her heart. You can help Donna support her mission by sharing her posts of social media, telling your friends and family about her mission or by donating yourself here.

Watch Donna’s Rocketfuel video to find out more

Support Donna's mission #rockertfuelme

Support Donna’s mission – #rocketfuelme