Goodbye Scott

Scott Angus; Prince Harry
Scott REALLY looks like Prince Harry…

I originally wrote this blog back in 2016 but never posted it. Not sure why but it still rings true for me today. Releasing and letting go is one of the most liberating thing you can do. Have a read I hope this encourages you.

So there was this guy at work, a young guy who came to work with us just over 3 years ago. It was his first ‘REAL’ job after leaving Uni I think, and he soon grew into the role, got promoted and was a total asset to the team.

The day came when he announced that he was leaving, he’d got a new job! A great opportunity for him for growth, experience etc, but I was gutted, it was rubbish for us. And whilst I was excited and really pleased that he felt he had grown enough to apply and get another job to further his career, I also felt a little up-set that he was leaving, (in my head I was thinking “Char man another bites the dust!”)

My motives were purely selfish…

It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to progress, it was because we were losing a really great team member, a fun guy and a really gifted individual, he was someone that knew a lot and would be sorely missed.

My motives were purely selfish, I wanted him to stay, but I realised that keeping him was not right for him and in the long run wouldn’t be right for the team. Eventually he’d get de-motivated, and frustrated, and like I said he had grown since he first came to be with us. He had learnt what he needed to learn and really it was just his time to move on. So I celebrated him and wished him well on the next chapter of his journey. I even went to his leaving do, and those who know me, know you must be really special for me to turn up as, I don’t do that often 😉

You know what I’m not even his manager, but I sensed that God was trying to teach me something here, about my heart as uncomfortable as it was for me to experience. How could I be stopping someone else from being who they’re supposed to be.

My son Nathaniel is an exceptional young man, a fabulous guitar player and he has the makings of a great leader one day. He has a heart for people and a gentleness of spirit that teaches me a thing or two. He’s going off to University at the end of the year and as much as I don’t want him to go (purely for selfish reasons he’s my first born, and the MD of my band!),  I know he’s outgrowing us to some degree, and that the experiences he’s about to have will make him into a better person. Is it easy? nope but at the same time I’m so excited for him because I know he’s going to be great and do great!!!!

So what am I learning from this?

  • I don’t believe that holding someone back for our own purposes is healthy nor is it good.
  • As they go what you’ve invested will not be wasted.
  • There will always others you can invest time in.

So can I encourage you to do what I’ve been doing?

  • Work on your heart because out of there flows the issues of life…It’s important to check our motivation for doing things and for our actions.
  • Find your confidence/identity in God because once you do you will not be shaken by external circumstances.
  • Love people just as God loves you.

“Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days”. Ecclesiastes 11:1

What we pour into people is never wasted, why because they will never forget the investment made in them (even if they try!), they will appreciate it and in turn, I hope do the same with someone else if and when the opportunity arises.

Until next time… Donna – A worshipper who happens to be

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