Dreams – the journey continues

Back in 2009 I started my journey writing for my very first solo album – When Heaven Breaks in, I recorded it in October 2010 but it took me a further 2 years to finish it and release it. Not because I didn’t know what I was doing, actually I didn’t know that much, (I learnt a lot by the way) But I was financing it myself and so it took a while to raise the funds and pay bit by bit for things to get done.

In those 2 years, 2 long years, in that time I had highs I had lows, I even doubted whether or not I would ever get the album out.

Dreams, Donna Akodu

It was during this time I found out a lot about myself and who I was becoming. I didn’t know where my journey would end but I knew that this first album was part of the beginning. Sometimes when you have a dream the pieces don’t always come together when you think they should. And until you start to live out your dreams they just remain dreams. It’s like faith it causes us to believe the impossible.

The bible says in James 2:17 “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead”
My first album was released in October 2012. And after finishing one here I am beginning the journey again, putting into action yet another dream.

I want to encourage you that whatever your dreams are, have the courage and the faith to believe they are possible.

This time I wanted to do things a little differently, I wanted those who have supported me all this time and those who are just joining me on this journey to be the first get my latest album. When you make a pledge towards my new project called – Butterfly, you’ll be helping me release the songs that I want to share with the world.

You’ll have access to exclusive rewards as well as the album by sowing into this project you can help me fulfil my dream.

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Together we can make it happen.
Until next time, The worshipper who happens to be…

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