is fleeting, we really don’t know how long we have. Over my lifetime I have lost people in my life I didn’t expect to loose. They were here one day and then they were gone. The time you thought you had with them cut short.

Some where surprising losses some were expected, but even though they were expected you’re never really prepared for it.

The hope I have as a follower of Christ is that one day those I have lost, I will one day see again. Those who have left their impression on my heart I will be re-united with them, one day.

Loss is a strange thing, it doesn’t always affect you in the way you think it should. Sometimes it just takes a trigger to set the tears rolling, of remembering the happy times you shared with that person. The laughter, the tears, the joy and now the pain.

They may be gone but they will never be forgotten, for they have imprinted themselves in my heart, forever to remain in that place.

So I celebrate the ones who have gone, the trailblazers, the trend setters. The ones who made me smile and told me all will be well. The ones who told me they believed in me and that I should never give up on my dreams. The ones who cheered me on when no one else was shouting in my corner.

Today I celebrate you and I thank God for the time we had.

Life is fleeting, really it’s so limited so there’s no time for bitterness, envy or strife, there’s no time for hatred, all these things consume us and rob us of the real joy of life that’s right in our faces.

So forgive, let go of the pain and embrace true love. Through family, friends and life, through knowing who you are and finding your purpose here on earth. Make everyday count leave your imprint on someone else’s life. Smile as you remember the good times, no matter how long or short they may have been.

Until the next time, from a worshipper who happens to be…

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  1. Michele Noble says:

    Wow!! This really touched my heart Donna, its a pleasure to know you.


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