We’re all like Superman we need the Son to survive…


It was a glorious April morning the sun was shining… That alone is a blessing, but it wasn’t so much that than the thought that came to me I walked home.

After seeing Iron Man 3 at the weekend one of the trailers before the film started was “Man of Steel” the new Superman film. One quote made by his dad stuck in my mind he said as they sent him off in a spaceship towards earth “He will be like a god in their world”. But why was that the case? On his world he was ordinary; he had no special powers, no super strength, not invincible in any way. But in our world one thing made him stronger, faster, and powerful – the sun. Superman couldn’t be Superman without the sun.

Now when the Holy Spirit drops these things into my heart I know there’s a life lesson here for me to be learn from. There’s usually something He’s trying to say to me.

So let’s look at Superman’s story a little further…

Superman had one weakness – Kryptonite it’s the one thing that could kill him, if he went anywhere near it all his strength sapped right out of him, he became weak and defenceless. It is at this point he became ordinary just like everyone else.

After coming into contact with Kryptonite the first place he would seek strength was the sun. He’d fly straight to it because he knew it was the source of healing and strength.

Where am I going with this, you may well ask! You see “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life”. (1 John 5:12 NIV)

We cannot function have strength or hope if we don’t have the Son in our lives. We become weak and defenceless without Him. Just as Superman was weak without the sun, we too can become weak if we don’t have the Son.

We have to be careful that we don’t let Kryptonite (sin) weaken us but that we run to the source of everything. In Him we have life, we have strength, we have purpose, and forgiveness of sin. Outside of that we just live in an existence just like the Matrix living but not really being alive!

(Yes many of you will have noticed my numerous references to sci-fi characters and films I am a fan, there I admit it!)

My encouragement to you and to myself is this, just as the SUN is the centre of our universe make the SON the centre of yours, so that you have life and have it in its fullness.

Signing out until the next time – The Worshipper who happens to be…

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