When Heaven Breaks In – Press Release

Donna Akodu début album – When Heaven Breaks In

Donna Akodu has been leading worship for over 20 years, and may be better known as a founding member of the group Nu Image – Noel Robinson’s ministry. Donna is also a songwriter, she has co-written songs such as “Rain”, “I Believe”, “One Hope” and has co-written many of the songs on Noel Robinson and Nu Image’s album “Garments of praise”. She has the ability to compose heartfelt lyrics and melodies that capture worship to the King and also to lead people to that place.

Recorded live at Oasis Church south London, worshippers gathered to be part of a special live recording. On that night worship leader and songwriter Donna Akodu took to the stage to record her début live album.

This album takes you straight into his presence and you will be able to do nothing but worship – enjoy the début album from Donna Akodu entitled “When Heaven Breaks In”

There are 10 original songs on this album, the title track is called “When heaven breaks in” it was inspired by a sermon Donnas’ pastor preached one Sunday morning. He spoke about worship that touches heaven and how God reciprocates by touching the earth with the miraculous; she says “Heaven touching the earth is not reserved for the church setting, but for everyday of our lives…” Every song has strong, heartfelt lyrics mixed with harmonies and great musicianship from all involved.

There are also duets with Lara Martin on “Fearless” who she co-wrote the song with, and Noel Robinson on songs “Power of your love” and “Rain”.

Donna also is the vocal co-ordinator for Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM) a global ministry that sees its responsibility to enhance the local church in worship through teaching, empowerment, development & training in all aspects of music and the relevant skills needed to apply the Kingdom mandate within a locality.

For her first solo outing, this is a very good album; it’s not only a good listen but also leads you in a time of worship. This has been a long time coming from Donna, and I’m sure it won’t be the last we see or hear from her.

Album tracks

  1. Praise revolution
  2. We live to praise
  3. Power of your love
  4. I receive your love
  5. Unshakable
  6. To behold you
  7. When heaven breaks in
  8. I believe
  9. Fearless
  10. Rain


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