Album launch – Friday 19 October 2012

Well it’s taken nearly 2 years but the time finally came for me to release my baby! I’d been carrying this dream for such along time I just knew it was time. I knew this was the right moment.

All the prep had been done rehearsals under the belt and all songs covered (well the songs I knew about anyway!). So as I sat in church thinking about how I was going to set things out I was remarkably calm. Various people asked me throughout the day how was I managing to keep so calm – still trying to figure that one out myself!

Anyway Jon and Luke were busy with set up so I decided to go get coffee’s (my way of saying thank you) so took a leisurely stroll to the nearest coffee shop. Standing in the queue things started to hit me. Wow we’re finally here, this is so surreal.

The rain started coming down, in fact it hadn’t stopped raining all day and I wondered to myself if anyone was actually going to turn-up. A few texts from the team came in, delays here, car trouble there yet I was still calm – surprisingly, some lovely well wishes texts – still calm. You know when you just know no matter how much your prepare God’s going to do what He wants to in the end, it was just one of those feelings, in my heart I knew I had nothing to worry about.

As the time approached still not nervous, still very calm. The team had all arrived, dinner was being served, did my interview with MBrio (what lovely guys they are) and it was time to start getting ready, within the hour the doors would be open.

I began to hear people arriving, as I continued getting ready. The family came in, it was time pray. As I stood in the middle of the circle the thought came to me “This is it”, the beginning of  the next chapter of Donna Akodu journey, had no idea what shape the night would take, even if I did have a programme anything could happen, and some would say it did, When Heaven Breaks In…

Album is out and available from and iTunes.



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